Hello internet friends! Time to catch up with (hopefully) your favorite Scud online!

Since I last posted an actual blog post outlining some really rough computer issues, things have gotten a lot better. And, also, a lot worse.


Let’s start with the BETTER first.

The website redesign happened! Thanks a bunch to Low Five Productions for giving me advise and inspiration on the rebuild. Most of the rebuild is done, but you might have noticed not all of the content is back online. That was a conscious decision partially to prevent some server/backend issues, but also so we can keep the content flowing daily and maybe convince you to have a look at one or two of the comics we do here you might have passed over when they were first posted.

Second up, preparations for Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo are almost done! Look for us at the Big Four building table 5220

You can spot our banners


and we have a bunch of new books you can use your Canada fun bucks (money) to purchase including:


Gamers Are People Too!


The Irate Titans Books 1, 2, 3, and 4!


And despite ALL odds, Nux’s Lovely Lovely Day Books 1 and 2!

And now for that WORSE I mentioned.

The past 5 days have been incredibly hard for me. A filling on a tooth ended up becoming infected, and I was in blinding pain for several days. I managed to get in to see a dentist and endodontist as an emergency, and got a root canal.

It wasn’t pleasant, but the pain is significantly reduced. I’m still pretty sore, so I’m trying to take it easy while I recover.

There’s some other life stuff going on that hasn’t really helped in my situation, but they’ve taken a back seat to my health.

Thanks for your continued support of Scudsworth.com