That’s right! is launching it’s first ever KickStarter, scheduled to go live at the beginning of July. And here’s how you can help us make sure it’s a success!

First off, we are looking to promote it as much as possible. Word of mouth is fantastic for these types of projects, so if you like what we do, please tweet, tumblr and blog about us, our work and our kickstarter. We are also spending a little money on advertising around the internet, so if you have a blog or podcast or video series, let us know at ScudsWorth(AT)gmail(DOT)com.


Secondly, if you like the Irate Titans series, please consider buying a book! Either from our online store (The single issues are available there) or donate to the kickstarter! The lowest donation required for a physical copy is $30 CAD, but there are lower donation tiers that offer DRM free PDFs.

I look forward to launching the project in full. Thank you to everyone who has helped us make this project happen.