Long time readers and fans of my work here and elsewhere might already be familiar with my health issues and concerns, but with recent events it has become more apparent that I should elaborate as they may become restrictive to my ability to maintain my current update schedule in the long-term. So hold tight, kids, cause this is not gonna be a happy update.


Regarding my health. Since I was 12-14 I have suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, mainly affecting mobility in my dominant right hand. While it caused some pain and stiffness in the joints, it has mostly remained in remission through my 20s. Recently, I’ve been having a really awful flare up, causing terrible swelling and pain. The obvious impact being that I now need to walk using a cane. Less apparent issues include difficulty with mobility in using my hands for extended periods of time. Drawing, playing video games or guitar and even things as simple as typing can lead to debilitating pain. Considering those 4 things are what I offer at ScudsWorth.com, there may be a sudden decrease in content.

What does that mean for the content? Currently my focus is completing Nux’s Lovely, Lovely Day. We have the next few weeks queued up, but after that I don’t know whether or not I will be able to continue with the release schedule of ‘A Page Every Friday’. Following that, my next long running series will be “Hella: Minimum Wage Purgatory” which already has a significant queue built up, which will give me enough space to work during days I can, and rest on bad pain days. Unfortunately, due to other plans, that series will not start until November at the earliest.

Video content is still being developed and refined, with 3 more episodes of PunchBoy planned, and some spin off series being worked on. Our Can’t Play series will continue, however the long stretches of video game playing required to get 20 minutes of video is very taxing on my hands and wrists, so the production is going to take longer for each video.

Podcasts will continue unimpeded by my health, and new projects are being planned, giving me a break from taking the lead.

Then there is the issues with the planned Kickstarter.



There have been a few hiccups in planning and production on the Irate Titans book. Current release is still planned for July, but that might still be pushed back further.

For now the only thing I can ask is for you to consider donating to to my Patreon or buying something from the ScudsWorth Webstore.



That’s it for now. Thanks for your understanding and support.