Part 2 of last week’s Everything Is The Worst D&D full play episode is scheduled to go up later this week, next regular episode will be recorded and posted next week.

No EXP Necessary posts every other Wednesday, and should continue that way for the rest of the year.

New Podcast Series being discussed. No scheduled release date yet.

Next Episode of PunchBoy will be done this month. This is planned to be the 3rd last of series 1.

New Explain me a thing is scripted, editing and revisions currently taking place, filming tentatively scheduled to begin next week.

New Can’t Play video being planned. No filming date set.

New Video Series being planned. No filming date set.

Nux’s Lovely, Lovely Day will be ending as of the 7th October. Plans for physical copies continue as scheduled.

Hella starts in full on 11 November. New page planned to release every Friday.