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Joshua ‘Scud’ Miller is one of those Jack of all Trades type creators. Illustrator, Writer, Musician, Film Maker, Podcaster and all around performer. Of course, he is the master of none. He has good hair and too many projects on the go. One day he’ll be rich and famous, so you better become his friend now! He likes monsters, but dislikes horror films. He likes video games, but is bad at playing them. He used to be in a band, but they were kinda terrible. Contradictions are the new cliche!



– The Department of Abnormality

– Gamers Are People Too

– The Irate Titans

– Nux’s Lovely, Lovely Day (A Mad Max Picture Book)

– Hella: A Minimum Wage Purgatory


– Local Multiplayer

-The Legendary Adventures of Punchboy

– User Reviewser

– Explain Me A Thing

– Scud Can’t Play Video Games

– Critical Consumption


– Everything Is The Worst

– No EXP Necessary

– Irate Titans (Band)

Fun Facts:

The first comic he ever drew was a 6 page fan-zine about Dragonball Z characters. He was 14, and it was awful.

The series “Gamers Are People Too” has had 3 iterations before the series got to what it is today.

Scud isn’t good at drawing with digital inputs like Wacom Tablets, so he draws almost exclusively with Pen and Paper.