Today’s episode is missing Mat, but we have a special guest! June invited her lovely girlfriend Carolyn to talk with Haley and Josh about The Santa Clara Diet, Warframe, June’s holiday in Mexico, Pokemon Go’s new update, cartoons on Netflix, foot traffic increase over the canadian border, unconstitutional laws, Bill Maher made a good point, Haley’s favorite Mexican place in L.A., Haley complains about driving, June talks about Elizabeth Warren and the new feminist banner phrase “Still She Persisted,” Overwatch’s DVA has become a symbol of power for Korean women, toxic masculinity and a better interpretation of Fight Club, the story about June’s new hat, Ivanka Tr*mp’s dangerous white feminism, and political news fatigue.

Punch more Nazis.

We really wanted to do a Tr*mp Free episode, but… fuck. It was a challenge.

Information about the Calgary Queer Church can be found at
The book Haley was talking about can be found at

Also, this is June’s new hat:

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