Yo, Gamers and Gamerettes and Sexy Video Game Havers! Everything is the Worst episode 41 is here!

Today, June, Haley and Josh talk about the weather in Calgary, the differences between Lobotomy and Phlebotomy, how we’re the #1 gaming and variety podcast, how D&D is “Home Work the Game,” Mystery Science Theater, creating a beef with Low Five Productions, Horizon Zero Dawn was good, Dear White People and privilage, VIDEO GAMES, VR games aren’t that great, Microsoft and Sony discuss crossplatform support, Haley was robbed, switch reviews, significatly janky, Transgender gamers were denied entry to a tounament (but they were actually trolls?), Bill Nye and Climate Change, Disgusting men are removing their condoms without telling their partners, the Born Sexy Yesterday problem, beefing with Low Five Productions, and how we’re the #1 Gaming and Variety Podcast.

Step up, Low Five. Hit continue on DEEZ NUTZ.

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