Today’s podcast has June, Hayley, Mat and Josh inviting the return of Carolyn as we talk about some stuff! Long distance relationships, Josh is cool and an SJW who should dye his hair blue, the band “The Wrong Kind of Girls”, Low Five USED to have the number 1 gaming and variety podcast, ScudsWorth is growing, Japan’s depressed Egg Yolk mascot, Hayley’s sexy snapchat, How June and Carolyn met, how June and Carolyn got engaged, ring shopping, geese are evil, amiibo talk, Hayley’s “Back Massager”, remembering Adam West, Batman talk, the Comic Book Code, trans kids in foster care needing better placement, Bill Mahr is a shitty guy, you can challenge people to duels in Canada, the Chelsea Manning interview, and Josh struggles to wrap up the episode.


Our sweet girls are engaged. Congrats June and Carolyn!

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